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Meaning Ha-ha, just kidding
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"Is this really a slang term?""I've never seen this term before.""I'm familar with this term, but I don't use it.""I occassionally use this term.""I use this term all the time!"
Description Can be stated after a joking or sarcastic comment.
"We got tickets for the championship game, but I forgot to get you one. HHJK!"
Common Uses Online Chat
Updated: February 22, 2011
HH - Holding hands
HH1/2KO - Ha-ha, half-kidding only
HHIS - Hanging head in shame
HHJK - Ha-ha, just kidding
HHOJ - Ha-ha only joking
HHOJ/K - Ha-ha, only just kidding
HHOK - Ha-ha only kidding