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Slang Definition


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Meaning Mm-hmm
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"Is this really a slang term?""I've never seen this term before.""I'm familar with this term, but I don't use it.""I occassionally use this term.""I use this term all the time!"
Description Another way of saying "yes." Spoken more often than written.
"Are u planning on joining us 2nite?"
"Mhm. Prolly around 8:00."
Related Terms
Common Uses General (Online and Offline)Online ChatText Messaging
Updated: December 2, 2013
MFB - Mother F***ing B****
MGB - May God bless
mgmt - Management
mhm - Mm-hmm
MHOTY - My hat's off to you
MI - Marching Illini
MIA - Missing in action